Poinsettia (Extra Large)

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Poinsettias, a classic Christmas gift. Big or small, these beautiful plants begin to make things look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go… So if you’re looking to spread the spirit and the cheer, look no further.

The small poinsettias have a pot diameter of 10″, height and width vary.
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Your plant comes with a bow and a pot cover (the typical foil-like sleeves), here you can upgrade your pot, and add to the dressings to give your gift a finishing touch.


*the inches indicated pot diameter. Height and width of each plant will vary slightly; as a guiding principle, these plants are typically as wide or wider than the pot diameter, but they will vary. Pots, bows, and decorations will vary according to availability.

**The typical Christmas pot covers, that are foil-like, are included at no additional charge. Bows are included with every variation, even if not stated, other decor is additional.

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