Apollo’s Admiration

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Introducing our enchanting Hyacinth Basket: A floral masterpiece steeped in ancient mythos and rich symbolism. Just as the myth of Hyacinthus captures the essence of fleeting beauty and eternal renewal, our Hyacinth Basket brings a touch of timeless elegance to any space.

With its vibrant blooms nestled in a rustic basket, this arrangement brings a touch of natural charm to any space. Symbolising, hope, forgiveness, and rebirth; let the delicate fragrance and vibrant colors of the Hyacinth brighten your home and uplift your spirits.

Whether you’re looking to add a dash of natural charm to your home or seeking the perfect gift to convey your deepest sentiments, our Hyacinth Basket is the answer. Embrace the beauty of nature’s resilience and let it blossom in every corner of your life.

Dimensions: Medium Size Basket carrying two plants plants, each in a 6 inch diameter pot within the basket. The opening of the basket is decoratively dressed with natural material such as rocks and/or bark chips.

Plants are subject to seasonal availability. Plant colours, bloom stage, packaging, and basket style and colour may vary. You have the option to add the chocolates and bear to your order; the chocolates come in their sealed packaging.



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